Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Hello Kitty Mini Haul

So I have a confession...I'm a 20-something-young-professional with a fond affection for Hello Kitty. I'm sure if I were to psychoanalyze myself I could interpret it as a desperate attempt to hold on to my childhood. But the truth is, I think she's just so gosh darn cute! Which is why I just couldn't pass up these Hello Kitty goodies I spotted at Target today.

{Cleansing hand wipes, mosquito repellant stickers, first aid kit, shower cap}

Is that shower cap not one of the most adorable things you've ever seen?! J'adore!!


  1. You are too cute!!! I used to collect Hello Kitty items too but now it's all garden gnomes. Funny how we get hooked on certain things. :) Have a great weekend!