Wednesday, August 8, 2012

DIY: Glitter Notecards

In this age of text messages, emails, and Facebook messages, there are few things sweeter than receiving a handwritten note in the mail. For a Southern belle, handwritten thank you notes are a must. But it's those unexpected "I was just thinking of you" notes that can instantly make someone's day. There are so many cute options for notecards available, but making them yourself can be a lot of fun and adds an extra element of thoughtfulness to your note. Supplies can be easily found at craft stores. I purchased everything below at Michaels (and used their weekly coupons so this was a really inexpensive project).

You can make beautiful cards with an array of glitters and a glue pen, like these from Martha Stewart. Plain notecards make the perfect canvas for your creations.

I decided to do an ombre glitter effect for a sweet message.

Today's glue pens are amazing and allow you to easily write any message of your chosing. Certainly a lot prettier than the old school Elmer's glue and glitter creations we used to make in elementary school!

You can have even more fun with a rubber stamp and glue stamp pad. I chose a fleur de lis and dusted the image with purple and gold glitter.

The possibilities are endless!
Have fun :)


  1. Love the fleur de lis cards! You've always had such pretty handwriting...mine looks like the scrawl of a fifth grade boy :)

  2. Gorgeous cards! I wish I was crafty like you ; )

  3. Those are cute cards. I may have to make some for Christmas